So…is it a date? No, it’s a fig!

There are thousand reasons to love the sweetest fruit….The early Olympic athletes used figs as a training food. Figs were also presented as trophies to the winners, becoming the first Olympic “medal.” The fig tree is a symbol of abundance, fertility and sweetness. Eating one half cup of figs has as much calcium as drinking onehalf cup of milk. Buddha sat on the night he attained enlightenment under a type of fig ( Ficus religiosa) better known as Bodhi Tree. It is definitely true that a fig tree provided the first piece of clothing as noted in the Bible. Figs have numerous health benefits. For example they are extremely useful in various respiratory disorders like asthma. They reduce the risk of breast cancer, reduce cholesterol, prevent high blood pressure and heart attack, they are rich in calcium, treat sexual weakness and helps get rid of sleep disorders such as insomnia. (




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