Category: Editor’s note


October Vibes

You scroll down the news, you are looking for something, you don’t know exactly for what, you feel apathetic. You select accurately the exactly...


September Vibes

Just one more sun-kissed selfie,  we pick the best one from the heap of 125 other selfies that we made; we choose...


August Vibes

It’s August. Melancholy hits us like a Pavlovian reflex at the sight of the first school bags and copybooks on the shelves of stores...


July Vibes

we have to admit that in the last few weeks there were some kinds of magical vibes in the air. We became politicians and stock...


June Vibes

I have good news : IT IS SUMMER. Comes to my mind a Hungarian poem from Lőrinc Szabó: “Nyár.Kert.Csönd.Dél.Ég. Föld. Fák. Szél.Méh...


May Vibes

It’s May. Not Maybe but definitely MAY. She kept us waiting but she is finally here with all her beauty. If we had a...

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